Contract Division

To serve the special needs of our Horeca partners and institutes at the highest level - this is the mission of our Contract Division which is a separate entity of our company, to be able to meet their specisl demand both with specisl products, technical knowledge and full scale realization of the projects - let it be in any counts of Europe.

Sales staff of the Division is equipped with interior design know-how and experience to be able to be advisors of our customers.

Our special product range includes:
- FR flame retartadt fabrics
- dimouts and blackouts
- outdoor, water and UV resistant fabrics
- teflon coated, dirt and water repellent damasks
- light and sound proof textile solutions
- theatre curtains and specisl effect fabrics
- antibacterial hospital textiles, etc.

We are ready to supply our goods with the individual logo of our partner, let it be towles, bedlinen or table ware, or even carpet.

We offer full range of services, both in Germany, Hungary and any European country, thanks to the confectioning and construction team supporting the Division.

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